Category: Software

Credit Card Processing Software

Easily accept online payments at your ecommerce website with the right credit card processing software. This software enables you to establish an online payment gateway that accepts various types of electronic payments through credit and debit cards. The software helps you to securely transfer payment data from the website to the payment processor. The processor […]

Classified Software

Developing an online classified website is easy and simple with the classified software. It helps you to develop a platform where users can post their ads and get benefited from the network connections. Modern classified software allows you to quickly create a classified website where users can post ads in multiple cities at the same […]

Care Management Software

The health care industry involves a lot of administrative tasks that must be completed to provide appropriate care for the patients. The care management software supports a personalized care plan that can be easily implemented by a care team to provide quality health services to all the patients. The software automatically helps in choosing the […]

Call Tracking Software

The call tracking software is useful in recording information about the incoming calls and sometimes, it can also provide recording option to record phone calls. This software is used extensively in pay per call business models where information about customer calls is crucial. The analytic information about the phone calls can help you to enhance […]

Call Center Software

The call center software helps call center agents to close the calls quickly while offering a pleasant customer experience. This software helps agents to use advanced call controls without the need for training regimens. The software can automatically route calls to specific agents depending on the nature of the customer calls. Agents can enhance customer […]

Best Recording Software

In the past, audio and video recording was accessible only by a few selected people who owned expensive equipments and software. The home recording technology has changed for good in recent years and it is now possible to record high quality audio and video at home using the best recording software. Whether you are a […]